The Watersheds

Together the combined watersheds of Pensacola and Perdido Bay cover 8,250 square miles and encompass two states, multiple counties and thousands of citizens. The watersheds' wetlands and floodplains store and regulate stormwater runoff, protecting water quality, providing flood protection, and recharging aquifers and potable water supplies. The many rivers, streams, and coastal waters sustain numerous species of fish, shellfish, and wildlife, and  wetlands and coastal barriers provide resiliency against storms and coastal change. 

Pensacola Bay Watershed

The Pensacola Bay system covers approximately 6,380 square miles, extending from southern Alabama through the western Florida Panhandle. The watershed includes three major rivers: the Escambia, Blackwater, and Yellow rivers, as well as the smaller East Bay River. These, in turn, discharge into the estuarine component of the watershed, which includes Escambia Bay, Pensacola Bay, Blackwater Bay, East Bay, and Santa Rosa Sound.


Perdido Bay Watershed

The Perdido River and Bay watershed covers over 1,100 square miles of northwest Florida and southern Alabama. Within Florida, the watershed covers approximately 350 square miles and extends into the Pensacola metropolitan area.