Ready. Set. Hunt!

Choose a date.

Pick a location.

Start exploring. 

Find species.

Submit photos.

Get entered for a chance to win prizes!

Registration is now open!

Free registration is open for this fun and educational, family activity that you can complete independently or with a small group.

Select a location within our watershed, search for species on the check list, and submit photos for a chance to win prizes.

Locations include: beach and dunes, salt marshes, seagrass beds, rock jetties and sea walls, freshwater ponds, public gardens and landscaping, hiking trails, or parking lots. Entries from Baldwin, Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties within the Pensacola and Perdido Bays watersheds will be accepted. 

E-mail your team member names and chosen location(s) to [email protected] to register. 


Get the Checklist

From commonly seen fire ants to the elusive beach mouse, there are species on our list for participants of all levels to search for! 

The species on the list are those of interest to resource managers in the area.  Some are invasive species. Some are are those that were once common in our bay area, but are hard to find.  Some are common, but few people know they are here.  How many can you find?

This is a no take survey.
Please do not collect anything other than a photo. 
Be respectful of wildlife and fragile habitats and do not endanger them for a photo or a selfie.

Send your list and photos to [email protected] when you've found all the species that you can! 

Submissions will be accepted through September 30th for entry into a prize drawing. 

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